Center for Public Policies Priorities’ (CPPP) 2018 State of Texas Children Report

Large disparities in child poverty across race, ethnicity and gender persist in Dallas County due to historical and current policies that create or maintain differences in opportunity and outcomes for Dallas area children, according to a briefing on the State of Texas Children report by the Center for Public Policy Priorities.

According to CPPP, as state and local leaders weigh policy priorities, they should keep Dallas County’s 155,000 children living in poverty at the top of their minds. The report lays out the challenges Dallas County children and families face and also some common-sense policy solutions for state and local leaders to consider. See below for a preview of the data and policy recommendations.

CPPP’s top policy recommendation to local leaders is to consider racial equity and race equity tools when crafting policies for Texas children. 

Click here to download the full report.

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